The Kursk Submarine Disaster


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The Kursk Submarine Disaster


The Kursk Submarine Disaster Insights from Seismic Data

The Kursk: An Oscar II Class Sub (Photos from a variety of news sources)

PPT Slide

Size of the Kursk

Kurst Layout from an early NY Times Article & Janeís ěRussiaís Navyî

Kursk Disaster in Russian Newspapers

What Sank the Kursk?

Kursk Online Memorial:

Crew & Captain of the Kursk (AP File Photo)

Location of the Kursk Explosion

Early Rescue Attempts

Norwegian Rescue Attempt

Divers Opening the Hatch - Photos from CNN

Seismology & the Kursk

AFTAC Web Site for Data:

Obtaining Data Via AutoDRM (email message)

Seismology 101

Seismic Localization of Kursk Signals from CMR

Seismic Recording at ARCESS

Array Components at ARCESS

Detail of the P-Wave Signal Steered toward Source

Beam Steered Toward the Source Initial Motion is a Rarefaction: Why?

P-Wave Spectrum of the Kursk Explosion

Stacked Cepstrum of P-wave

Size of Explosion from Depth & Bubble Pulse Approximately 5 tons TNT Equivalent

Array-Averaged Spectrogram at ARCESS

Spectrogram of Initial & Main Explosion

Model Parameters

SVPís in Kursk Area for Summer GDEM Database in HydroCAM

Effect of Surface Reflection

Surface Reflection & Bottom Bounce

Reverberation Spectra

Size of Explosion from Seismic Magnitude Approximately 5 tons TNT Equivalent

More Events in the Same Area

Summary & Conclusions

Author: Jay J. Pulli


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