Alexandria, VA - July 1998 

Alexandria, VA - July 1998 

Co. Clare, Ireland - April 1999 

Washington, DC - July 1998 

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"Click here to learn about Jack Quinn's, the awesome new Irish pub
in Norfolk that I am working at part time!"


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Scottish & Irish Dance

Click here to see me featured as the December 2001 Dancer of the Month for the
Culkin Adult Irish Dancer web page!
My Story - how I got into Celtic dancing
The Full Fergus - This is my story and I'm sticking to it!! My trip to the Fergus, Ontario games, 1998. The next day, I found my picture on the cover of the local newspaper.
How I ended up on the cover of U.S. Scots magazine!
The Rhythm of Ireland Performing at the Nation's Capital Feis - July 20, 1998
A Mother's Advice to Her Daughter Regarding Attending Scottish Festivals
Scottish Highland Games - My friend Jay Pulli, who put these pages together for me, has photographed numerous Scottish Games, both in Scotland and the US. This page has links to all of his Scottish Games photos.
My performance of the Sword Dance at the Hampton Roads Highland Games, Chesapeake, VA, June 1998
My performance of the Sword Dance and Scottish Lilt at the Virginia Scottish Games, Alexandria, VA, July 1999, shot by my friend Jay Pulli.
I was chosen as the Tidewater Irish Society's Adult Princess 2000! Click here to see pix of me and the Teen and Jr. Princesses riding in the local St Patrick's Day Parade!
Click here to see Carlyn and me (Irish Society teen and adult princesses respectively) promote Busch Gardens's newest country, IRELAND!
Virginia Tatoo
Toenail Trauma
Annual D.C. Irish Center Gala 2002

University College Dublin

How I Ended up at University College Dublin - explanation and photodocumentation!'

Privileged or Imprisoned in the Anglo-Irish Big House? - Women's opportunites as presented in three Irish novels

A House of Leaves - This is a play about the Welsh national bard, Dafydd ap Gwilym. I arranged for friends to come over from Wales to put on a production of the play at UCD. Click on the title to see my program and pictures from the evening

My thesis, titled Bloom Bewitched: Fear of Female Sexuality in 'Circe' - How Rampant Witch Allusions Reveal an Inherent Joycean Misogyny, is now linked here.

Travel, Tips & Stories

Spring Break in Scotland, 1999
Lynnette's Guide to Cool Stuff in NYC!!!
The Great Bards of Great Britain - An educational tour designed by Lynnette E. Fitch
Literary London and Beyond - An educational tour designed by Lynnette E. Fitch
Feminine Wiles in the British Isles - Lynnette and Lisa's 1991 Summer Tour of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland
Lynnette's Guide to D.C. and Virginia
Lynnette's Caledonian Journal - Summer 2000
Neighborly Nova Scotia

Professional, Academic & Creative Writing

My Resume
Getting the Scoop on Antic Hay
Independent Research Projects - Linking literature with other disciplines through student high interest activities
Independent Research Projects - Norse Mythology, Vikings, Beowulf, Old English
Independent Research Projects - A Tale of Two Cities, French Revolution, England, Poetry
Independent Research Projects - King Arthur/the Middle Ages/World Epic Heros
Independent Research Projects - Prejudice: WWII/Suffragettes/Apartheid/Jim Crow
Independent Research Projects - Classical Mythology
Using Group Skits as an Alternative Assessment Method
Trial by Water - A One Act Play about Grace Sherwood, the 'Witch of Pungo', in Greek Tragedy Style
Click here for a list of resources I compiled relating to the Irish Saint, Brendan the Navigator.

My Favorite Links


Clan Fergusson Web Site

Clans of Ireland

The Celtic Exchange

Fred Denny's Home Page

Fergus Scottish Festival

Gathering of the Clans

Highlander Music, Ltd.

Highland & Scottish Dance web page


Celtic Soul Band

Culkin Adult Irish Dancer Web Page

Flogging Molly

Revolutionary Association of the Women
of Afghanistan

Temple Records, Scotland

U.S. Scots Online Magazine

Virginia Scottish Games

The Witchery Tours

James Madison University

University College Dublin

Celtic Photos and Crafts

Plaid Cymru, the Welsh National Party

Welsh History and Culture 

International Association for the Study of Irish Literature

The American Conference for Irish Studies

Official Wales Tourist Board

East of the Hebrides

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