PGS Talks 2000-2001


Sept. 21: 'Indoor Radon Determined by Aeroradioactivity and Other Factors' - Douglas Mose, George Mason University

Oct. 19: 'Three-Dimensional Aquifer Map Derived from Airborne EM and Aeromagnetic Data' - Jeff Wynn, U.S. Geological Survey

Nov. 16: 'Remote Sensing Applications in Developing Nations' - Barry Haack, George Mason University

Dec. 14: 'Between Smart Animals and Intelligent Machines: The Problem of Human Consciousness' - James Trefil, George Mason University


Jan. 18: 'The Continental Crust's Enigmatic Composition' - Roberta L. Rudnick, University of Maryland

Feb. 15: 'First Rock from the Sun: The MESSENGER Mission to Mercury' - Sean Solomon, Carnegie Institution of Washington

Mar. 15: 'Minerals and the Origin of Life' - Robert Hazen, Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington

Apr. 19: 'Archimedes and Basin and Range Topography' - Cyril Galvin, Coastal Engineer

May 17: 'Hyperspectral Sensing - The Better to See You With' - Richard Gomez, George Mason University