PGS Talks 1974-75


Sep 19: 'EROS Program' - John M. DeNoyer, USGS

Oct 17: 'Deep Crustal Reflection Profiling' - Sidney Kaufman, Cornell Univ.

Nov 21: 'Physical Properties of Deep Continental Crust' - Jack Heacock, Office of Naval Research

Dec 19: 'Time and Climate from Isotopes and Economics' - Leona Libby, R & D Associates, Santa Monica, CA


Jan 16: 'Northeast Pacific Ocean: Structure and Tectonics' - Richard Couch, Oregon State Univ.

Feb 20: 'The Geophysicists and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists' - J. Dan Skelton, President, SEG

Mar 20: 'Ocean Floor Processes as Seen from Submersibles' - Alexander Malahoff, Office of Naval Research

Apr 17: 'Soviet Peaceful Nuclear Explosion Program' - Milo Nordyke, Lawrence Livermore Lab., ERDA

May 15: 'Musings of a Resource Economist' - Hans Landsberg, Director, Energy and Resource Commodities, Resources of the Future