PGS Talks 1975-76


Sep 18: 'Slip, Slide, and Slump, A View of Appalachia Going Downhill' - William E. Davies, USGS

Oct 16: 'The World's Energy System in Historical Perspective' - M. King Hubbert, USGS

Nov 20: 'Subsurface Electromagnetic Investigations from Boreholes and Tunnels, Results of Some Recent Research' - Llewellyn A. Rubin, ENSCO

Dec No meeting


Jan 15: 'Improving Geophysical Vision' - Samuel J. Allen, Geophysical Systems Corp., SEG Distinguished Lecturer

Feb 19: 'A Geophysicist in Wonderland: Being a Highly Prejudiced Perception of the Interplay Between Hard Science and Soft Government' - Ned Ostenso, ONR

Mar 18: 'Earthquake Prediction' - Robert M. Hamilton, USGS

Apr 15: 'Seismic Reflection Profiling of the Deep Basement' - Jack Oliver, Cornell Univ.

May 20: 'Energy Seekers' - SEG film