PGS Talks 1976-77


Sep 16: 'Geology of the Atlantic Shelf and Status of Oil and Gas Leasing' - Robert E. Mattick, USGS

Oct 21: 'Window to the Interior of the Earth' - Alvin Van Valkenburg, Jr., Geophysical Lab., Carnegie Institution of Washington

Nov 18: 'Some Recent Developments in Geophysics' - Jack Oliver, Cornell Univ.

Dec 13: 'Soufriere Volcano, Guadaloupe; Hazard Assessment in Face of Uncertainty' - Richard S. Fiske, Smithsonian


Jan 27: 'The Role of the Earth Scientist in Nuclear Power Plant Design and Licensing' - James F. Devine, USGS

Feb 17: 'A New Look at the History of Ocean Bodies' - Brian McKnight, Ocean Sediment Coring Program, NSF

Mar 17: 'Tectonic History of the Norwegian-Greenland Seas and Adjacent Arctic Ocean' - Robert H. Fedan, NRL

Apr 18: 'The Geological Interpretation of the Complex Seismic Trace - Robert E. Sheriff, Seiscom Delta, Inc., and Univ. of Houston, SEG Distinguished Lecturer

May 19: 'Tectonophysics of Melting in the Mantle' - Hatten S. Yoder, Geophysical Lab.