Sept 29: 'Continents in Collision: Tibet and the Himalayas' - Kevin Burke, SUNY at Albany

Oct 27: 'Viking View from Mars' Geology' - Harold Masursky, USGS

Nov 17: 'Targeting Geothermal Resources in Southeastern U.S.' - John Costain, VPSI

Dec 15: 'A Geophysicist Looks at Africa' - Randolph W. Bromery, Chancellor, Univ. of Mass. at Amherst


Jan 19: 'Space Applications to Global Geodynamics' - Edward A. Flinn, NASA

Feb 16: 'Recent Advances in Seismology Related to Test Ban Treaty Verification' - Eugene Herrin, Southern Methodist Univ.

Mar 16: 'All About Oil Spills' - Charles C. Bates, U.S. Coast Guard

Apr 27: 'Seismic Stratigraphy, A New Area for Coordination of Geophysics and Geology' - Milton B.Dobrin, Univ. of Houston

May 18: 'Remote Sensing, Ore Deposits, and Plate Tectonics' - Duff T. Gold, Penn. State Univ.