Sep20: 'Nature and Classification of Geothermal Resources' - John W. Salisbury, DOE

Oct 18: 'Mantle Samples in Kimberlites' - Francis R. Boyd, Geophysical Lab.

Nov 15: 'Recent Developments in Earthquake Prediction' - Robert Wesson, USGS

Dec 20: 'Volcanic Crises in the Lesser Antilles, A Tale of Two Soufrieres' - Richard S. Fiske, Smithsonian


Jan 17: 'A Seismic Re-Evaluation of the Appalachian Mountain Chain' - Leonard D. Harris, USGS

Feb 21: 'Structure of the U.S. Atlantic Continental Margin' - N. Terence Edgar, USGS

Mar 27: 'The Natural Distribution of Uranium' - Ian D. McGregor, DOE

Apr 24: 'New Oil Exploration Techniques' - G. H. F. Gardner, SEG Distinguished Lecturer

May 15: 'The Quality of Progress in Predicting Extreme Events' - Robert H. Simpson, Univ. of Virginia