Sep 18: 'The Energy Crisis: Misconceptions, Biases, Realities' - Bernardo F. Grossling, Inter-American Development Bank

Oct 16: 'Faults in the New Madrid and Charleston Earthquake Zones Found by Seismic Reflection Profiling' - Robert M. Hamilton, U.S. Geological Survey

Nov 20: 'Earthquake Ground Motions in the Near-Field of a Propagating Fault' - Jack Murphy, Systems Science Software

Dec 17: 'Mount St. Helens 1980: Scientific Studies and Research Opportunities' - Robert I. Tilling, U.S. Geological Survey


Jan 15: 'Saturn and Its Satellites from Voyager I' - Norman F. Ness, NASA

Feb 19: 'High Resolution Marine Stratigraphic Exploration with a Flair' - Clifford Ray, Fairfield Industries

Mar 19: 'The NASA Space Lab Utilization Program' - Charles J. Pellerin, Deputy Director, Space Lab, Flight Division, NASA

Apr 16: 'The BGM-3 Shipboard Gravity Meter' - R. N. Burnfield, Bell Aeorspace Textron

May 21: 'Oil Shale: A Technological Perspective on "The Rock That Burns"' - Stephen H. Zukor, Department of Energy