Sept 17: 'Geophysical Research at the Norwegian Seismic Array - Frode Ringdal, NTNF/NORSAR, Norway

Oct 15: 'Origin of Mid-Atlantic Barrier Islands and Implications for Petroleum Exploration' - Cyril Galvin, Coastal Engineer

Nov 19: 'Estimation of Maximum Earthquake Size and Effects, An Eastern United States Example' - G. A. Bollinger, Seismological Observatory, VPI

Dec 17: 'The Case of the Peru Earthquake Predictions' - John R. Filson, USGS


Jan 21: 'Update on the Deep Sea Drilling Project' - Bill Benson, National Academy of Sciences

Feb 18: 'Geologic Setting of Massive Polymetallic Sulfide Deposits' - Alexander Malahoff, [Navy??]

Mar 18: 'Seismologists, Innovation, and Regulation' - Leon Reiter, NRC

Apr 18: 'NASA's Crustal Dynamics Program' - Gilbert D. Mead, NASA

May 20: 'Tsunamis' - Gerald Hebenstreit, Science Applications, Inc.