Sep 16: 'Geoid Roughness' - An Indicator of Crustal Evolution' - Richard D. Brown, Phoenix Corp., McLean, VA

Oct 21: 'Present and Future Mineral Resource Production in Virginia' - Palmer C. Sweet, Va. Div. Min. Resources

Nov 18: 'The Scientific Feasibility of Magma Energy' - Harry C. Hardee, Sandia Labs.

Dec 16: 'Some Reflections on Research on Chesapeake Bay' - J. Kevin Sullivan, Director, Chesapeake Bay Center for Environmental Studies, Smithsonian Institution


Jan 20: 'The First Magnetic Map of the United States: A Crustal Interpretation' - Isidore Zietz, USGS

Feb 17: 'Subduction of Young Lithosphere' - Selwyn I. Sacks, [?]

Mar 17: 'Electromagnetic Mapping, Airborne and Ground' - Alex Becker and H. Frank Morrison, [???]

Apr 21: 'The Center for Seismic Studies' - Robert G. North, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

May 12: 'The U.S. Space Program of the 80s: A New Way of Doing Business' - Noel W. Hinners, [NASA?]