Sep 15: 'Operation Deep Sweep' - Robert W. Rowland, USGS

Oct 20: 'Planetary Exploration: The Next 15 Years' - William L. Quaide, NASA

Nov 17: 'Current Activities of the U.S. Geological Survey' - James P. Devine, U.S. Geological Survey

Dec 15: 'Volcanoes as Windows to Magma Chambers' - Bruce Marsh, Johns Hopkins University


Jan 19: 'Magnetic Structure of the Magnetic Crust' - Michael Mayhew and Peter Waselewsky, NASA?

Feb 16: 'Petrologic Constraints on the Physical Properties of the Lower Crust Beneath the Rio Grande Rift and the Colorado Plateau' - Elaine Padovani, NSF

Mar 'The Role of Mantle Anomalies in Mechanisms of Intraplate Seismicity: The Rhinegraben, New Madrid, and Charleston, South Carolina Earthquake Zones' - T.J. Schmitt, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Apr 19: 'Thin-Skinned Rotation of the Southern Appalachians: Evidence from Geophysics, Seismicity, and Geology' - Ina B. Alterman, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

May 17: 'Krakatau 1883: A Classic Geophysical Event' - Tom Simkin and Richard S. Fiske, Smithsonian Institution