Sep 20: 'Surface Exposures of the Lower Continental Crust: A Photographic Field Trip in Scotland, Minnesota, and Canada' Paul D. Lowman, Jr., Geophysics Branch, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

Oct 18: 'Nuclear Test Ban Treaties, What's the Story?' - Ralph Alewine, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Nov 15: 'Planning for Utilization of Space Station' - E. Lee Tilton, NASA

Dec 20: 'Monitoring Worldwide Vegetation Growth Using Meteorological Satellite Data' - Gerald S. Barton, NESDIS, NOAA


Jan 17: 'Detection of an On-Land Spreading Event' - Paul Silver (coauthor J. N. Valette-Silver), Carnegie Institute (canceled due to weather)

Feb 21: 'Geological and Geophysical Aspects of Nuclear Waste Disposal' [*DOE's Geologic Repository Deployment Program] - Robert E. Jackson, Roy F. Weston, Inc.

Mar 19: 'The Fourth Dimension of Seismic Reflection' - Milo Backus, SEG Spring Distinguished Lecturer

Apr 18: 'Detection of an On-Land Spreading Event' - Paul Silver and J.N. Valette-Silver, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institute

May 16: 'Archaeogeophysics: The Search for our Buried Past' - Jeffrey Wynn, U.S. Geological Survey