Sep 17: 'Radiation Protection' - Daniel J. Fehringer, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Oct 15: 'Window on Oil Perspective' - Bernardo F. Grossling, USGS

Nov 19: 'The Parkfield Earthquake Prediction Experiment' - Rob Wesson, U.S. Geological Survey

Dec 17: 'Nuclear Winter' - David Auton, Defense Nuclear Agency


Jan 21: 'Role of Continental Scientific Drilling in Understanding Thermal Regimes (or, "Why Drill Into Hot Rocks"?)' - M. Charles Gilbert, Office of Basic Energy Sciences

Feb 18: 'A Uniformitarian Hyposthesis for Iridium Anomalies in Sedimentary Rocks,' - Cy Galvin, Consultant

Mar 17: 'The Role of Science in Formulating Environmental Policy' - J. Christopher Bernabo, Science and Policy Associates, Inc.

Apr 21: 'Geomorphic Stability and Quaternary Geology at Radioactive Waste Disposal Sites' - Joel Grimm, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

May 12: 'Geophysics Meets Politics: Verification of Nuclear Test Limitation Treaties' - Gregory van der Vink, Office of Technology Assessment, U.S. Congress