PGS Talks 1989-90


Sep 21: 'Hurricane Storm Surge Forecasting Within the National Weather Service' - Wilson Shaffer, National Weather Service, NOAA (note: Hurricane Hugo reached its highest surge that evening off the coast of South Carolina)

Oct 19: 'Structure and Seismic Wave Attenuation of the New Madrid Seismic Zone' - Robert M. Hamilton, U.S. Geological Survey

Nov 16: 'Multispectral Observations of Forest Stress Near the Chernobyl Reactor Station' - Gene E. McClellan, Pacific Sierra Research

Dec 21: 'Spacecraft Charging in the Ionosphere' - Dan Allred, Maj USAF, Defense Nuclear Agency


Jan 18: 'Voyageur at Neptune' - Joseph M. Boyce, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

Feb 15: 'Challenging the Global Warming Hypothesis' - Bernard Grossling, U.S. Geological Survey

Mar 22: 'Crustal Process Shown by a Digitized Transect Across the Northern Appalachian Orogen' - David Stewart, USGS

Apr 19: 'Continental Scientific Drilling Techniques' - Robert S. Andrews, American Geophysical Union

May 17: 'A tour of the IRIS Seismological Facilities' - Robert A. Phinney, President, Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology