PGS Talks 1990-91


Sep 27: 'The Terminal Cretaceous Event: The Impact After 10 Years of Debate' - Walter Alvarez, U. California, Berkeley Joint meeting with Geological Society of Washington

Oct 25: 'The Physical Nature of the Icelandic Magma Transport System' - Michael P. Ryan, U.S. Geological Survey

Nov 15: 'Tectonic Implications of Recent Space-Geodetic Results from California' - Jeanne Sauber, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

Dec 20: 'What Should Every American Know About Science?' - James Trefil, George Mason University


Jan 17: 'Slow Earthquakes, Fault Failure, and the Moon' - Selwyn Sacks, Carnegie Institute of Washington

Feb 21: 'Mantle Convection and the Formation of Highland Regions on Venus' - Walter Kiefer, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

Mar 21: 'GEIS: A Methodology for Integrated, Interactive Analysis and Interpretation of Geoscience Data' - Robert D. Regan, Weston Observatory

Apr 18: 'Effects of Acid Rain on Buildings and Monuments' - Elaine McGee, U.S. Geological Survey

May 16: 'The Ocean Drilling Program: a Record of Our Changing Planet' - Ellen Kappel, Joint Oceanographic Institutions