PGS Talks 1991-92


Sep 21: 'High-Pressure Silicate Structures - Possible Mantle Phases' - Robert Hazen, Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institute of Washington

Oct 17: 'Deep Focus Earthquakes' - Charles Meade, Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington

Nov 21: 'Global Change in the Cryosphere' - Richard S. Williams, Jr. USGS

Dec 19: 'Urban Geology of the Nation's Capital: A Bicentennial Overview' - James V. O'Connor, University of the District of Columbia


Jan 16: 'Monitoring Continental Ice Sheets' - Robert H. Thomas, NASA

Feb 20: 'The Use of Travertine Deposits to Characterize Paleoseismic Activity' - Shelton Alexander, Department of Geosciences, Pennsylvania State University

Mar 11: 'Natural Hazards: Science Instead of Fatalism' - Frank Press, President, National Academy of Sciences (joint meeting with Geological Society of Washington, Cosmos Club, Washington, DC)

Apr 16: 'Mantle Plumes & Geomagnetic Reversals, Evidence for Core-Mantle Interaction' - canceled

May 21: 'Mission to Planet Earth: Earth Observing System' - Ghassem Asrar, Office of Space Science and Applications, NASA