PGS Talks 1992-93


Sep 24: 'Beach Erosion Fundamentals' - Cy Galvin, Coastal Engineer

Oct 22: 'Yucca Mountain Site Characterization, Perspectives of a Congressional Fellow' - Ken Taylor, GSA Congressional Fellow, Office of Senator Harry Reid, Nevada

Nov 19: 'Can Geysers Predict Earthquakes?' Paul Silver, Carnegie Institute of Washington, and Nathalie J. Valette-Silver, National Ocean Service, NOAA

Dec 17: 'Cooperative Studies in Earthquake Seismology and Nuclear Monitoring in the USSR/CIS, 1975-1992' - David Simpson, President, and Gregory van der Vink, Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS)


Jan 21: 'Volcano Songs: Acoustic and Seismic Signatures and Patterns of the Ongoing Eruptions of Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica' - William Melson, Smithsonian Institute

Feb 18: 'NASA's Programs in Geodynamics' - John Bosworth, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

Mar 18: 'Sand and Gravel on the Atlantic Continental Shelf: How Much is There? Where Did It Come From? Are There Uses for It?' Roger Amato, Minerals Management Service

Apr 15: 'The Orientation of Earth in Space' - Dennis McCarthy, U.S. Naval Observatory

May 20: 'Role of the World Bank in the Oil and Gas Industry' - Hossein Razavi, Chief, Oil and Gas Division, World Bank