PGS Talks 1994-95


Sep 15: 'Geophysics: the Exploration Risk Reducer' - Mike Schoenberger, President, SEG and Exxon Exploration and Production

Oct 20: 'Geoscience Issues Facing Nevada' - Jonathan G. Price, Staff Director, NRC

Nov 17: 'Earth Observing System (EOS): Science Objectives and Challenges' - Michael King, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

Dec 22: 'Project Ocean Planet Awareness' - James O'Connor, City Geologist, Washington, D.C. and Assoc. Prof. of Geoscience, Univ. of District of Columbia


Jan 19: 'Remote Sensing of Global Snow Cover and Glaciers for Climate Change Studies' - Dorothy K. Hall, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

Feb 16: 'Catastrophic Collapses of the Volcanoes of the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia, and of the Hawaiian Chain' - Paul Filmer, NSF

Mar 16: 'What's New at NSF?' - James F. Hayes, Director, Division of Earth Sciences, NSF

Apr 20: 'Future Employment Opportunities in Geoscience' - Gordon P. Eaton, Director, US Geological Survey

May 18: 'Detection and Location of Underground Structures' - Karl F. Veith, EG&G, Consultant to Dept. of Energy