PGS Talks 1995-96


Sep 21: 'U.S. Global Change Research Program Strategy for the Future' - Robert Corell, Asst. Dir. for Geosciences, NSF (Thomas J. Baerwald, substitute. speaker)

Oct 19: 'Constitution, Structure and Dynamics of the Earth's Mantle' - Ho-kwang Mao, Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington

Nov 16: 'Thermal Interaction Between the Earth's Core and Mantle' - Peter Olson, Johns Hopkins University

Dec 14: 'A Century of Progress: 12 Key Discoveries in Geology and Geophysics since 1900' - Paul Lowman, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA


Jan 18: 'The Geophysics of Venus: Global Catastrophes on our Sister Planet' - Sean C. Solomon, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institute of Washington

Feb 15: 'Extrasolar Planetary System Formation' - Alan Boss, Dept of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institute of Wash.

Mar 21: Joint meeting with the Middle Atlantic Division of the American Association of Geographers, 'The 1993-1994 Surge of the Bering Glacier - Global Warming or Bad Plumbing?' - Bruce Molnia, US Geological Survey

Apr 18: 'Groundwater and Geomorphology of the Southern High Plains-more or less than meets the eye' - Warren Wood, USGS

May 16: 'Intrinsic Remediation' - James Mercer, President, GeoTrans, Inc.