PGS Talks 1996-97


Sep 19: 'The Three-Dimensional Structure of Hydrothermal Convection Systems: The Cascades, Japan, Hawaii and Iceland' - Michael Ryan, USGS

Oct 17: 'H2O in Subduction Zones - Constraints from Seismology' - Selwyn Sacks, Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington

Nov 14: 'Orogenic Processes Affecting Eastern Taiwan - Constraints from Earthquake Focal Mechanisms' - Daivd Salzberg, SAIC/CMR

Dec 12: 'Did Dinosaurs Have Fleas?' - Nicholas Fraser, VA Museum of Natural History


Jan 16: 'Seismological Issues Related to Nuclear Test Ban Verification' - John R. Murphy, Maxwell Technologies

Feb. 26: 'Mining Fusion Energy Resources on the Moon' - The Honorable Harrison "Jack" Schmitt

March 20:
'Living on the Edge of the Chicxulub Crater: Geoarchaeological Field Investigations of Ancient Maya Settlement and Environmental Resources in Northwestern Yucatan, Mexico' - Dr Timothy Beach, Georgetown University (Geomorphology), Dr Bruce Dahlin, Howard University (Archaeology), Dr Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach, George Mason University(Hydrology)

April 17: 'Seismic Activity and Public Relations in Maryland' - Dr. James P. Reger, Maryland Geological Survey

May 15: 'Slow Earthquakes, Stress Redistribution and Fast Earthquakes' - Prof. Alan Linde, Carnegie Institution of Washington