PGS Talks 1997-98


Sep 18: 'Potential Contributions of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty International Monitoring System to Global Seismology' - Robert G. North, SAIC Center for Monitoring Research

Oct 16: 'The Future of the ISC' - Ray Willemann, International Seismic Center

Nov 20: 'Geophysical Phenomena Predictability, El Nino, and Chaos' - Harold Geller, George Mason University and SAIC/GSC

Dec 18: 'Mars After Pathfinder' - Peter Banholzer, NASA/GSFC


Jan 15: 'What Happens after an Earthquake: Insight and Hindsight Three Decades Following the 1964 Prince William Sound, AK Earthquake' - Steven C. Cohen, Geodynamics Branch, Laboratory for Terrestrial Physics, Goddard Space Center

Feb 19: 'Geophysical Implications of Quartz Rock In The Occoquan Granite' - Cyril Galvin, Coastal Enineer, Springfield, VA

Mar 19: 'Spaceborne Remote Sensing in East Africa' - Barry Haack, Geographic and Cartographic Sciences, George Mason University

Apr 16: 'Glass In The Sand - Clues to the Physics of a Hypervelocity Impact' - Jeff Wynn, U.S. Geological Survey

May 21: 'Science Without Borders: A Century of Seismology as a Global and International Science' - David Simpson, The IRIS Consortium, Washington, D.C.