PGS Talks 1999-2000


Sept. 16: 'Archaeogeophysical Discoveries in Egypt and Israel' - Vincent J. Murphy, Weston-Geophex (Canceled due to the weather).

Oct. 21: 'The Plate Boundary Observatory' - Paul G. Silver, Carnegie Institution of Washington

Nov. 18: 'Fernandina Volcano: Petrological Constraints on the Thermal Vigor of the Galapagos Plume' - Jamie Allan, National Science Foundation

Dec. 16: 'Archaeogeophysical Discoveries in Egypt and Israel' - Vincent J. Murphy, Weston/Geophex


Jan. 20: 'The Extreme Coastal Storm Affecting New York in December 1992: Physical Damage, Social Response, and a Seismic Event' - Cyril Galvin, Coastal Engineer

Feb. 17: 'Across the Array: Advances in Hydrology iat the U.S. Geological Survey' - Robert M. Hirsch, U.S. Geological Survey

Mar. 16: ' Nuclear Test Detection Seismology: Origins and Early Years' - Carl Romney, Director of Center for Seismic Studies, Retired

Apr. 20: 'USGS: Improving Our Understanding of a Changing World' - Chip Groat, Director, U.S. Geological Survey

May 18: 'Yucca Mountain as a Radioactive Waste Repository' - Tom Hanks, U.S. Geological Survey